Kawasaki Axial Piston Pumps K3VG series

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Kawasaki Axial Piston Pumps K3VG series
Kawasaki Axial Piston Pumps K3VG series



The Kawasaki K3VG Series Swash Plate Type Axial Piston Pumps are designed to specifically satisfy the industrial open circuit market where noise, efficiency, controllability and extended pump life are considered to be essential. K3VG Pumps are available in nominal displacements ranging from 63 to 560 cm3/rev with various pressure, displacement, and combination load sensing control options.

The Kawasaki K3VG series are variable displacement axial piston pumps of swash plate design for industrial equipment. The K3VG series are available in size ranging from 63 to 560 cm3/rev with various control options including a highly precise electro-hydraulic servo regulator "ILIS".



- Reliable, High Pressure, Long Life Modular Design.

- Low Noise and High Efficiency.

- Self-Compensating piston return mechanism.

- Extensive Range of Highly Responsive Control Options.

- Auxiliary Gear Pump Option.

- Rated Pressure 350 Bar.

- Peak Pressure 400 Bar.

- High Continuous Power Rating.

- Fully Balanced Spherical Valve Plate.

- Infinite displacement control.

- Hydrostatically Balanced Swash Plate Support.

- High Load Capacity Bearings.


K3VG Series: Variable Displacement Swash Plate Type Piston Pump

K3VG pumps are high pressure, open circuit, axial piston pumps designed specifically for industrial applications.

Model Displacement Pressure Speed Weight
    psi bar rpm  
cm3 in3 Rated Peak Rated Peak Self Prime Max. lb kg
K3VG63 63 3.84 5075 5800 350 400 2600 3250 106 48
K3VG112 112 6.83 5075 5800 350 400 2200 2700 150 68
K3VG180 180 11 5075 5800 350 400 1850 2300 190 86
K3VG280 280 17.1 5075 5800 350 400 1600 2000 353 160
K3VG180DT 180×2 11.0×2 5075 5800 350 400 1859 2300 353 160
K3VG280DT 280×2 17.1×2 5075 5800 350 400 1600 2000 661 300


The K3VG series of high-pressure swash plate type pumps was developed for general industrial machinery use. The adoption of the high-load bearings and friction-free contacting mechanism of piston shoes, results in a high level of reliability and long life.
- 180 and 265cc displacements
- 350 bar continuous pressure rating
- Long bearing life
- ISO Mount and Shaft
- Optional through-drive
- Highly responsive controls

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