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Moog Servo Proportional Valves

MOOG Servo Valves 72 Series

MOOG 072, 072-1203-6, 072-1202-10
MOOG Servo Valves 72 Series
MOOG Servo Valves 72 Series




Moog ServoValves 72Series Catalog


MOOG 72 Series Servo Valves Description

MOOG 72 Series flow control servo valves are throttle valves for 3 and preferably 4-way applications. they are a high performance, 2-stage design that covers the range of rated flows from 95 to 225 l/min (25 to 60 gpm) at 35 bar (500 psi) valve pressure drop per spool land.

MOOG 72 series valves are suitable for electro-hydraulic position, speed, pressure or force control systems with high dynamic response requirements. The 72 Series is ideally suited for applications in the 95 to 225 l/min (25 to 60 gpm) when superior dynamics are a must. The 72 Series Flow Control Servo Valve consists of a polarized electrical torque motor and two stages of hydraulic power amplification. The motor armature extends into the air gaps of the magnetic flux circuit and is supported in this position by a flexure tube. The flexure tube acts as a seal between the electromagnetic and hydraulic sections of the valve.

The flapper of the first stage hydraulic amplifier is rigidly attached to the midpoint of the armature. The flapper extends through the flexure tube and passes between 2 nozzles, creating two variable orifices between the nozzle tips and the flapper. The pressure controlled by the flapper and nozzle variable orifice is fed to the end areas of the second stage spool.The second stage is a conventional four-way spool design in which output flow from the valve, at a fixed valve pressure drop, is proportional to spool displacement from the null position. A cantilevered feedback spring is fixed to the flapper and engages a slot at the center of the spool.

Displacement of the spool defects the feedback sprint which creates a force on the armature/flapper assembly. Input signals induce a magnetic charge in the armature and cause a deflection of the armature and flapper. This assembly pivots about the flexure tube and increases the size of one nozzle orifice and decreases the size of the other. The differential pressure created by this action causes spool motion. The resulting spool displacement induces a linear force in the feedback wire which opposes the original input signal torque. Spool movement continues until the feedback wire force equals the input signal force.

HEASH TECH supply Moog 72 series valves, which are suitable for electrohydraulic position, speed, pressure or force control systems with high dynamic response requirements. Most of them are used in Metallurgy, Automobile manufacturing, Power plant, Testing machines, Petroleum industries. HEASH TECH supply MOOG Valve 072 series as MOOG 072-1202-10, 072-1203-9, 072-559A, 072-560A, MOD-072-1202-10, 72-1202-19, 72-1203-85, 072-155A, 072-1101-6, 072-1203-34, 072-1701, 072-1102-6, 072-1301-81, 072-103B, 072-101A, 072-102A.

MOOG 72 Series Servo Valve Technical Data

Valve design 2-stage, with spool and bushing and dry torque motor
Pilot stage Nozzle Flapper Standard Dynamics
Mounting pattern ISO 10372-06-05-0-92
Installation position Any orientation, fixed or movable
Weight 3.52 kg (7.75 lb)
Storage temperature range -40 to +60 °C (-40 to +140 °F)
Ambient temperature range -40 to +135 °C (-40 to +275 °F)
Vibration resistance 30 g, 3 axis, 10 Hz to 2 kHz
Shock resistance 30 g, 3 axis
Seal material Fluorocarbon (FKM) 85 SHORE
Others upon request


MOOG 072 Valve Hydraulic Data

Maximum operating pressure to ports P, T, A, B 210 bar (3,000 psi) - - - 350 bar (4,500 psi) special
Rated flow at pN 35 bar/spool land (500 psi/spool land) 95 l/min (25 gpm) 150 l/min (40 gpm) 225 l/min (60 gpm)
Null adjust authority Greater than 10% of rated flow
Hydraulic fluid Hydraulic oil per DIN 51524 parts 1 to 3 and ISO 11158.
Other fluids on request.
Temperature range -40 to +60 °C (-40 to +140 °F)
Recommended viscosity range 10 to 85 mm2/s (cSt)
Maximum permissible viscosity range 5 to 1,250 mm2/s (cSt)
Recommended filter rating  
For functional safety ß10 75 (10 µm absolute)
For longer life ß5 75 (5 µm absolute)


Static and Dynamic Data

Rated flow tolerance ± 10%
Step response time for 0 to 100% stroke 95 l/min (20 gpm) = 11ms
150 l/min (40 gpm) = 18 ms
225 l/min (60 gpm) = 33 ms
Threshold <1.5%
Hysteresis <4.0%
Null shift for ∆T = 38 °C (100 °F) <2.0%


MOOG 72 Series Direct-Operated Servo Valves Feature

- 2-stage design with dry torque motor:  Low friction double nozzle pilot stage

- High spool control forces

- High dynamics

- Rugged, long life design

- Optional 5th port for separate pilot supply

- Field-replaceable first stage disc filter for easier maintenance


MOOG 72 Valve Hydraulic Data

Rated Flow: 95 to 225 l/min (25 to 60 gpm) @ ∆p 70 bar (1000 psi)

Maximum Flow: 530 l/min (140 gpm)

Maximum Operating Pressure: 310 bar (4,500 psi)

Mounting Pattern: ISO 10372-06-05-0-92


MOOG 72 Valve Electric Data

Supply Voltage : N/A

Rated Signal Options: +/-4 mA, +/-7.5 mA and +/-20 mA

Additional Options: Contact Industrial Application Engineering for additional Flow, Pressure, and Signal options

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