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Moog Servo Proportional Valves

MOOG Servo Valves D671, D672 Series

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MOOG Servo Valves D671, D672 Series
MOOG Servo Valves D671, D672 Series




Moog ServoValves D671 and D672 Series Catalog


MOOG Servo Valve D671 and D672 Description

MOOG D671 and D672 series servo valves are used to control position, velocity, pressure or force. this series has very good static and dynamic properties and is ideal for high performance machine applications.

Moog servo valves feature a spool sliding in a bushing offering better accuracy, compared to a spool sliding within a cast-iron body. the advantages of this design are: 

- the highest precision positioning and control due to expert design and manufacture of the spool lands and slots

- customer specific flow characteristics due to the availability of a tailored design geometry of slots in the bushing.

MOOG D671 series servo valves in size 05 are a 2-stage design with a servoJet® pilot stage. two pilot stage versions with different flows are offered to meet different dynamic requirements.

- the servoJet® standard meets typical requirements and offers lower leakage flow.

- the servoJet® high flow provides higher dynamic response. 

MOOG D672 series servo valves in size 07 are a 3-stage design with the 2-stage servoJet® pilot valve D670. The 3-stage design offers the highest dynamic response and provides a stable spool control even for the most demanding applications.

this valve series features digital on board electronics offering the user high flexibility, and an embedded microprocessor enabling very fast processing speeds. The Moog valve configuration software is used to easily tune the valve performance, change parameters and perform diagnostics, all through a service connector.

the valves have an optional fieldbus interface to operate and monitor the valves and set parameters. Common fieldbus technologies like CANopen, Profibus-DP or EtherCAT are supported by Moog‘s hardware and software. Other options are available upon request.


MOOG D671 and D672 series servo valves offer high productivity for demanding applications requiring highly dynamic response, flexible integration and advanced maintenance. D671-0039-0001, D671-0040-0001, D671-0051-0001, D671-0052-0001, D671-0068-0001, D671-0070-0001, D672-0006-0000, D672-0013-0001, D672-0026-0001, D672-0027-0001, D672-0028-0001, D672-0036-0001, D672-0037-0001, D672-5706-0001, D673-0001-0000, D673-5702-0001, D673-5705-0001, D674-0015-0001, D674-5706-0001, D675-5704-0001, D675-5705-0001.

MOOG Valve D671 General Technical Data

valve design

2-stage, with spool and bushing

Pilot valve

servoJet® standard

Mounting surface

isO 4401-05-05-0-05 with t1

installation position



13.5 kg (29.8 lb)

Storage temperature range

-40 to +80 °c (-40 to +176 °f)

ambient temperature range

-20 to +60 °c (-4 to +140 °f)

vibration resistance (general)

30 g, 3 axis, 10 hz to 2 khz

Shock resistance (general)

50 g, 6 directions

Hydraulic data

operating pressure pilot valve

minimum pressure

0.3 x system pressure above t or y, at least 25 bar
(360 psi)

Operating pressure range x port

25 to 350 bar (360 to 5,000 psi)

maximum pressure y port

210 bar (3,000 psi)

Maximum operating pressure of main stage


port p, a, b

350 bar (5,000 psi)

port t at y internal

210 bar (3,000 psi)

port t at y external

250 bar (3,600 psi)

rated flow at Δpn 35 bar/spool land (500 psi/spool land)

20/90 l/min
(5.3/21.1 gpm)

40/80 l/min
(10.6/21.1 gpm)

120/160/180 l/min
(31.7/42.3/47.6 gpm)

Maximum flow

250 l/min (66 gpm)



Main stage leakage flow (rate) (≈ zero lap)1) see next page

3.0/4.5 l/min
(0.8/1.2 gpm)

3.8 l/min
(1.0 gpm)

4.5 l/min (1.2 gpm)

Pilot flow static1) see next page

1.7 l/min



Pilot flow for 100 % step1) see next page

1.7 l/min (0.4 gpm)



hydraulic fluid

hydraulic oil as per din 51524 parts 1 to 3 and isO 11158.
Other fluids on request.



temperature range of hydraulic fluid

-20 to +80 °c (-4 to +176 °f)



recommended viscosity range

32 to 68 mm2/s (cst)



Maximum permissible viscosity range

5 to 400 mm2/s (cst)



recommended cleanliness class as per iSo 4406




for functional safety




for longer service life




Static and dynamic data

Step response time for 0 to 100 % stroke

9 ms

14 ms

19 ms


< 0.1 %

< 0.08 %

< 0.05 %


< 0.4 %

< 0.3 %

< 0.2 %

null shift at Δt = 55 K

< 2.0 %

< 1.5 %

< 1.0 %

Sample deviation of rated flow

±10 %



Electrical data

duty cycle

100 %

degree of protection according to en 60529

ip65 with mounted mating plugs

Supply voltage2)

18 to 32 vdc

Permissible ripple of supply voltage3)

±3 v

Maximum current consumption static4)

0.25 a

Maximum current consumption dynamic4)

0.5 a

Fuse protection, external, per valve

1 a (slow)

eM compatibility

emitted interference as per en 61000-6-4:2005,
interference immunity as per en 61000-6-2:2005

1) measured at 210 bar (3,000 psi) pilot or system pressure, oil viscosity 32 mm2/s and oil temperature 40 °c (104 °f)
2) all connected circuits must be isolated from the mains supply by “electrical separation” in accordance with en 61558-1 and en 61558-2-6. voltages must be limited to the safety extra-low voltage range in accordance with en 60204-1. We recommend the use of SELV/PELV power packs.
3) frequency from 50 hz to 10 khz
4) measured at ambient temperature 25 °c (77 °f) and supply voltage 24V


Moog Serco Valve D671-0051-0001 P60HACW6VS92-AEV1M1, D671-0052-0001 P80HACW6VS92-AEV1M1, D671-0070-0001 P80HDCW6VS92-AEV1M1, D671-0081-0001 P60HYCW6VS92-AEV1M1, D671-0082-0001 P80HYCW6VS92-AEV1M1, D671-0094-0002 X30HXWX6VS92-AEV1M1, D672-0013-0001 G25KOKO6VSX2-AOK1A2, D672-0027-0001 P02HDZW6VS92-AEW2M1, D672-0036-0001 D01FXWM4VSX2-AOS1A1, D672-0037-0001 D02FXWM4VSX2-AOS1A1, D673-0001-0000 P03HAZM6VSD2-AOS1A1, D673-0022-0001 L03HDCW6VS92-AEW2M1, D675-5704-0001 P15HDTW6VS92-AEW2M1, D675-5705-0001 P10HDTW6VS92-AEW2M1, D675-5706-0001 P10HATW6VS92-AEW2M1, D675-5709-0001 P15HATW6VS92-AEW2M1, D675-P15KATW4NSD2AO, D674-P05KOZO4NSD2-AOS1A1-B003, D674-5708-0001, D674-5702-0001 N05HXZW6SE92-KER1A1, D673-5707-0001 P03HYZW6VS92-AEW2M1, D673-0001-0000 P03HAZM6VSD2-AOS1A1, D672-5710-0001, D672-0042-0001 P02HXZW6VS92-AEW2M1, D672-0041-0001 P01HXZW6VS92-AEW2M1, D672-0026-0001 P02HAZW6VS92-AEW2M1, D672-0006-0000 P01HAZM6VSD2-AOS1A1, D671Z5001A-0001, D671-0081-0001 P60HYCW6VS92-AEV1M1.

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