OILGEAR Variable Displacement Pumps PVG

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OILGEAR Variable Displacement Pumps PVG
OILGEAR Variable Displacement Pumps PVG



An extremely responsive high-speed pump.
The OILGEAR PVG is a variable-displacement, axial-piston pump with fast control response. The PVG thrives on low viscosity fluids and is available in a variety of control and porting options. It is designed to be a high-performance solution for your demanding applications.
Oilgear makes some of the longest-lasting, most reliable pumps in the world.  Learn more about the proprietary design of the Oilgear variable-displacement, axial-piston pump line.
PVG open loop, axial piston hydraulic pumps by Oilgear offer high-pressure and superior performance in a compact design. PVG pumps provide an almost instantaneous response to system commands through a high-response four-way pilot-operated control – a first for this size and price of pump.
Available in multiple frame sizes and five displacements, high-performance PVG pumps feature Oilgear’s advanced “hard-on-hard” rotating system that provides longer operational life, resistance to contamination, and allows for operation with low-viscosity or other special fluids. And, its unique hydrodynamic bearing support on the cylinder barrel contributes to the pump’s compact design.
All Oilgear pumps are designed to thrive on low-viscosity fluids, such as high water content and fire resistant fluids, like Skydrol™, Stack Magic™, Erifon™, and 98/2.  Learn more here:  Fluid Compatibility of Oilgear Pumps.


- Four-way pilot-operated variable displacement control

- SAE heavy duty shaft

- Sealed front shaft bearings

- Patented pressure-lubricated swashblock

- Hardened steel shoes running on hardened swashblock surface

- Swashblock with polymerous bearings

- Cylinder mounted polymerous journal bearings

- Hardened cylinder surface running on hardened valve plate

- Quiet valve plate design



Below is a partial list of configuration options.  Please see product documentation for more detail and additional options.

- Thru-shaft for driving multiple pumps off of one motor

- 5 different shaft configurations for different torque ratings and tooth counts

- SAE “B” 2 or 4 bolt mounting

- Viton, buna nitrile, or EPR seals

- Volume reduction stops

- Left or right hand rotation

- Side ported or rear ported

- Control options include:

 -- Pressure compensating

 -- Single setting

 -- Dual setting

 -- Proportional device

 -- Soft start

 -- Electronic displacement control (EDC)

 -- Load sense

 -- Load sense with horsepower limiter

 -- Horsepower limiter

 -- Load sense plus

 -- Horsepower limiter with load sense plus

- Electrohydraulic (with feedback)

- Solenoid operated volume

- Fixed displacement


  Frame Length Width Height Weight Face Mounting
  Size in. mm in. mm in. mm lbs kg
PVG-048 B 12 303,9 6.9 174,5 6.3 160,4 68 31 SAE “B” 2 & 4 Bolt
PVG-065 B 12 303,9 6.9 174,5 6.3 160,4 68 31 SAE “B” 2 & 4 Bolt
PVG-075 B 12 303,9 6.9 174,5 6.3 160,4 68 31 SAE “B” 2 & 4 Bolt
PVG-100 C 13 330,5 8.4 212,9 7.3 185,7 115 52 SAE “C” 2 Bolt
PVG-130 C 13 330,5 8.4 212,9 7.3 185,7 115 52 SAE “C” 2 Bolt
PVG-150 D 14.2 360,7 7.9 200,7 8.1 205,7 171 78 SAE “D” 4 Bolt



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