Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F1 Series

Parker truck motor, Parker motor F1, truck pump
Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F1 Series
Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F1 Series
Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F1 Series



Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F1 Series Description

Parker F1 hydraulic bent axis truck motor series, which is made in Sweden, has a robust design that provides circuit reliability for the most demanding truck applications, sizes from 25-121 cc.

Parker hydraulic truck motor F1 features low noise/weight and high efficiency and is one of the leading truck motors in the market. The F1 truck motor provide circuit reliability at speeds up to 3000 rpm at 350 bar (5,000 PSI). Parker F1 hydraulic motor is a very efficient and straight forward motor design with unsurpassed reliability. Its small envelope size gives a simple and inexpensive installation. Parker F1 fixed displacement bent axis motors are widely used on truck applications with Parker F1 fixed displacement bent axis truck pumps. These pumps and motors were designed specifically for truck applications including cargo cranes, hook loaders, forest cranes and concrete mixer trucks

HEASH TECH, your nice resource for Parker hydraulic components! For Parker truck motor F1 series, we provide F1-025-M, F1-041-M, F1-051-M, F1-061-M, F1-081-M, F1-101-M. Please don’t hesitate to contact with us if you have any demand for above Parker truck motors and Parker pump PAVC, PVP, PD, PVplus, P1, P2, P3, PGP gear pump.

Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F1 Series Tech Specifications/ Performance Characteristics

Displacement (Cu In/Rev): 1.5-7.4

Maximum Operating Pressure (Bar): 350

Maximum Operating Pressure (Psi): 5000

Rotation: Bidirectional

Weight: 8.5 Kg i 18.7 Lb , 12.5 Kg i 27.5 Lb

Shaft Type: Spline

Shaft Size: Din 5462 b8*32*36

Flange: Din 5462 Iso 4-Bolt

Port Type: Iso With Bsp

Displacement: Up To 121

Operating Pressure (Bar): Up To 350

Speed Range: Up To 3000

Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F1 Series Features/Benefits

- Displacement from 25-121 cc – support various applications. 

- High overall efficiency – increased reliability.

- Low noise level – meeting industry noise emissions.

- Low weight – reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption.

- Laminated piston rings – low leakage resulting in more uptime. 

- Installation above the reservoir level possible – flexibility in installation. 

- Operating pressures up to 350 bar (ISO).

- Shaft end and mounting flange meet ISO standard.

- Small installation dimensions – fits wide range of applications. 

- Tolerates low and high temperature shocks – suitable for the most demanding environments. 


Parker Axial Piston Fixed Motors F1 Series

Parker piston motors F1 series are used on applications that do not require high shaft sideloading. Their light weight, compact size and efficient design make them the first choice on many mobile and transportation applications. The displacement ranges through F1-12, 25, 41, 51, 61, 81, 101 or 121cm3 per revolution. Parker F1 fixed displacement bent axis motors are widely used on truck applications with Parker F1 fixed displacement bent axis hydraulic pumps.



- Mobile

- Transportation



- Cargo cranes

- Truck mounted cranes,

- Hook loaders

- Skip loaders

- Knuckle boom loaders

- Rear loaders

- Forestry cranes

- Concrete mixers

- Multipurpose vehicles

- Mowers

- Off-highway trucks

- Dump trucks

- Lift trucks

- Vaccum truck systems

- Refuse trucks.

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