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REXROTH Proportional Valves and Electronics

REXROTH Proportional Valves and Electronics 

Rexroth offers a complete line of proportional, servo solenoid, and “flapper jet” style servo valves. This total program includes directional, pressure, flow, and throttling valves with options including integral feedback, external or integrated electronics, and enhanced capabilities on board for “closed loop” applications. Coupled with a full array of analog and digital amplifiers and controllers, Rexroth offers basic control amplifiers through bus-specific capable controllers. Several electrohydraulic valves have integrated amplifiers. However, in the Rexroth portfolio, external amplifiers are also available to optimize valve performance. Many of these provide additional features to enhance system operation. Additional electronic cards provide closed loop controllers, various control system modules, card holders, power supplies, and test units.

Proportional Amplifiers
Proportional solenoids need electronic amplifiers to regulate the variable power through the full range of control. Amplifiers can also provide ramp time settings to limit acceleration, preset potentiometers, and fault detection features. Rexroth amplifiers are calibrated and optimized for corresponding product families. This greatly reduces the need for field adjustments and provides maximum performance.

Servo Amplifiers
Servo amplifier cards convert an input signal to a control current to drive the servo valve torque motor. Several amps feature an integrated PID (proportional, integrator, derivative) control circuit which allows tuning for optimum performance of position control, pressure,
or constant velocity circuits. With the added ability to combine the PI, PD, or PID controls, complete versatility is assured.

Control System Components
Building a complete control solution may require various signal conditioners, relays, and other electronic devices. Rexroth provides many of these items to simplify total system integration.

Card Holders, Power Supplies, and Accessories
Many of the valve amplifiers can be mounted in card racks or plugged into individual card holders for panel mounting. Card holders can be clipped onto 35mm DIN rail or mounted
by through-holes. Power supplies in various sizes provide the 24 vdc or +/–15 vdc required by most electrohydraulic valving. Transducers and other electronic accessories are also available from Rexroth. 

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