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Hägglunds introduces the world's maximum torque to weight than hydraulic motors

Hägglunds introduces the world's maximum torque to weight than hydraulic motors


Bosch Rexroth new generation of Hageron CBM hydraulic motor opened up new opportunities. Based on the proven and recognized Hägglunds Marathon motor, the Hägglunds CBM motor has increased its torque by 50% and the volume and weight by 50% compared to the previous generation of marathon products. In this way, it can provide the world's highest torque to weight ratio.


For Bosch Rexroth customers, the new motor has opened up new opportunities. Hägglunds CBM not only can handle heavier workloads, but also takes up less space and drive the lighter weight on the shaft. This means that the customer's machine and the facilities that place the machine can be smaller, lighter, and simpler.

At the same time as the installation requirements are lower, the higher productivity of the motor means lower overall investment costs and increased long-term gains. In addition, the unique operating advantages of the hydraulic direct drive are: full torque from zero speed, with impact load protection and four quadrant operation.

Higher power to cope with increasing demand

Hägglunds CBM motors are developed directly in response to customer needs. Many industries have increased demand for higher power, which has become a prerequisite for a large number of new applications such as wind and tidal energy. Hägglunds CBM can provide high enough power for a variety of applications.

Based on the Hägglunds CB platform, the Hägglunds CBM has been internally modified to provide a specific torque of 6000 Nm / bar. "Hägglunds CBM meets the most demanding needs on the market," said Lars Andrén, a principal member of the Hägglunds CBM development team. "With the Hägglunds CBM motor, we can offer unprecedented advantages for hydraulic applications directly for a variety of applications."

After testing, to achieve higher expectations

In the alternative to successful and highly trusted Hägglunds marathon motor, Bosch Rexroth is foolproof. Hägglunds CBM has been researched for many years and has conducted extensive tests to verify its performance and quality. In fact, the Hägglunds CBM has experienced more laboratory tests than any other Hägglunds motor.

Smooth transition to higher power

Knowing that we offer direct retrofit kits, those who want to upgrade from Hägglunds Marathon will be very happy. This makes it possible to quickly and easily complete the replacement of the motor in the existing machine.

However, all customers can benefit from the simple installation of the Hägglunds CBM because it simplifies the connection to the drive shaft via splines. (In addition, a locking disc adapter is also provided). Whether it's a retrofit or a new installation, the Hägglunds CBM can easily meet the increasing power demand.

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