Diagnosis and Elimination of Common Faults in Hydraulic System

Diagnosis and Elimination of Common Faults in Hydraulic System

1, the common fault diagnosis method

Hydraulic equipment is a combination of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and other devices, so the failure is a variety of. A fault phenomenon may be caused by many factors, so the analysis of hydraulic failure must be able to understand the hydraulic system schematics, the schematic diagram of the role of each component has a general understanding, and then according to the fault phenomenon analysis, For many factors caused by the reasons for the failure to be analyzed one by one, to seize the main contradiction in order to better solve and eliminate. Hydraulic system in the working fluid flow in the components and pipelines, the outside world is difficult to understand, so to the analysis, diagnosis has brought more difficulties, so people have a strong ability to judge the fault. In the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical complex relationship between the many to find the cause and location of the failure and timely and accurate to be excluded.



1.1 simple fault diagnosis method

Simple fault diagnosis method is currently the most common method, it is by the maintenance staff with personal experience, the use of simple instruments according to the hydraulic system failure, the objective to use to ask, see, listen, touch, smell and other methods to understand the system work , For analysis, diagnosis, to determine the cause and location of the failure, the specific approach is as follows:


1) Ask the equipment operator to understand the operation of the equipment. Including the hydraulic system work is normal; hydraulic pump with or without abnormal phenomena; hydraulic oil to detect the cleanliness of the time and the results; filter cleaning and replacement; before the failure of the hydraulic components were adjusted; whether to replace the sealing components; Before and after the hydraulic system which has been abnormal phenomenon; in the past what the system has failed, how to exclude, etc., need to understand one by one.


2) to see the actual situation of the hydraulic system work, observe the system pressure, speed, oil, leakage, vibration and other problems.


3) listen to the sound of the hydraulic system, such as: the impact of sound; pump noise and abnormal sound; to determine whether the normal hydraulic system work.


4) touch temperature rise, vibration, crawling and the Department of the degree of tightness to determine the working parts of the working state is normal.

In short, the simple diagnosis method is only a simple qualitative analysis, for rapid judgments and troubleshooting, with a wide range of practicality.



1.2 Hydraulic system schematic analysis method

According to the hydraulic system schematic diagram analysis of hydraulic transmission system failure to find out the location and causes of failure, and propose troubleshooting methods. Hydraulic system diagram analysis is the most common method of application of engineering and technical personnel. It requires people to have a certain basis for hydraulic knowledge and can understand the name and function of the components represented by each graphic symbol. The principle and structure of components And performance should also have a certain understanding, there is such a basis, combined with the action cycle table control analysis, it is easy to judge the fault. So really learn the basic knowledge of hydraulic control hydraulic schematic diagram is the most powerful assistant diagnosis and troubleshooting, but also the basis of other fault analysis. Must be carefully grasped.



1.3 Other analytical methods

In order to avoid blindness, people must be based on the principle of hydraulic system logic analysis or causal analysis and other methods to exclude one by one, and finally find out the location of the fault, which is the fault of the hydraulic system failure, often can not immediately find out the location and root causes of failure It is a logical analysis of the method to find out the fault. In order to facilitate the application, the fault diagnosis expert designed the logic flow chart or other chart to logically judge the fault, for the fault diagnosis provides a convenient.



2, the system noise, vibration elimination method

Table 1 system noise, vibration elimination method

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