Eaton Vickers Hydrokraft PVX & PFX Piston Pumps

Eaton PVX, Eaton PFX, Eaton Piston Pump
Eaton Vickers Hydrokraft PVX & PFX Piston Pumps
Eaton Vickers Hydrokraft PVX & PFX Piston Pumps




Data Sheet of Eaton Vickers Hydrokraft PVX & PFX Piston Pumps


Eaton Vickers Hydrokraft PVX & PFX Hydraulic Piston Pumps Description

The wide-range fixed and variable displacements of Eaton PVX & PFX Series piston pumps make them ideal for use with primary metal power units, test stands, mixer drives and more. They come in a robust housing enclosure and are available with displacements from 66 cc to 250 cc (4.03 to 15.26 cu in) at operating pressures up to 350 bar (5,075 psi) for broader application.

Displacement controls:
ES - Electric motor displacement control
HG - Hand-wheel displacement control (Special feature)
FE - Screw adjustment control (Special feature)
DF - Pressure compensator controlled
DQ - Mooring control 
LR - Power control with pressure limiter
SP, SM - Displacement proportional to electric signal
DP - Displacement proportional to pressure signal

HEASH TECHNICAL B.V. specialised in the sale of Eaton pumps and motors across their entire range. We supply Eaton Vickers PVXS and PFXS all sizes, as PVXS066, PVXS090, PVXS130, PVXS180, PVXS250, PFXS066, PFXS090, PFXS130, PFXS180, PFXS250. for other Eaton Vicksers pumps as PVH, PVM, PVQ and valves as KBHDG, KDG4V, KFDG, KBDG, KSDG..., please don’t hesitate to contract with us if u have any interested in our sale.

Eaton Vickers Hydrokraft PVX & PFX Hydraulic Piston Pumps Features

- Robust housing increases durability while reducing noise levels

- Foot mounting option allows for bedplate installation

- Axial piston pumps with swashplate design for reliable operation and long life.

- Pressure up to 420 bar. Rated speed up to 1800 min-1. Higher speeds possible.

- Oversize shafts and bearings.

- Rotating and pressure loaded parts are pressure balanced.

- Integrated pilot pump, filter and pressure relief valves available.

- "Building block" design gives these pumps a wide range of application.

- Fast response times. 

Eaton Vickers Hydrokraft PVX & PFX Fixed & Variable Piston Pumps Application

- Primary Metals Power units

- Test stands

- Mixer drives

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