Rexroth Pump

Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A4VSO

Rexroth A4VSO, Piston Pump A4VSO
Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A4VSO
Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A4VSO
Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A4VSO




Data Sheet of A4VSO Series

REXROTH Type Code of A4VSO Series


Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A4VSO Description

- Robust high pressure pump for industrial applications.

- Size 40 … 1000, such as A4VSO 40/DR, A4VSO 71/DP, A4VSO 125/DFR, A4VSO 180/LR, A4VSO 250/MA, A4VSO 355/EM, A4VSO 500/HM, A4VSO 750/HS, A4VSO 1000/HD, A4VSLO 750/DR.

- Nominal pressure 350 bar.

- Maximum pressure 400 bar.

- Open circuit.

Rexroth piston pumps are widely used in high pressure, large flow, high power systems and flow adjustment field, such as planer, broaching machine, hydraulic presses, and construction machinery. Others such as: ceramic presses, forging presses, construction machinery, steel hydraulic systems, metallurgical machinery, plastics machinery, chemical plastics, shipbuilding, aluminum die-casting machinery, etc. Rexroth A4VSO series constant pressure variable axial piston pump is widely used in the world’s industry. Especially, it is very common to use in high pressure and heavy metallurgical conditions. Its control performance is to keep the system pressure constant, only output the flow required to drive the load, so that the system generates less heat, high efficiency, and saves energy.

For Pump: Torque is applied to the drive shaft by an engine. The cylinder turns with the drive shaft, turning with it the pistons. On each rotation, the pistons perform a stroke movement which is defined by the pitch of the swash-plate. The slipper pads are held on and guided along the glide surface of the swash-plate by the retaining plate. During a rotation, each piston moves over the bottom and top dead centers back to its initial position. During this action, the fluid volume defined by the piston surface and the stroke is fed in or removed through the two control slits in the control plate. On the low-pressure side, fluid flows into the enlarging piston chamber via the suction port. At the same time, on the high-pressure side the fluid is pushed out of the cylinder chamber into the hydraulic system by the pistons. 

For Control: The swivel angle of the swash-plate is infinitely variable. By changing the swivel angle, the piston stroke and, therefore, the displacement change. The swivel angle is controlled hydraulically via the stroke piston. The swash-plate is mounted for easy motion in swivel bearings. Increasing the swivel angle increases the displacement; reducing the angle results in a corresponding reduction in displacement. The swivel angle can never be swiveled completely to zero because a minimum amount of hydraulic fluid is necessary for: cooling the pistons; supplying the control; compensating for case drain fluid and lubricating all moving parts.

For Rexroth axial piston variable pump A4VSO, the competitive price is from Heash Technique B.V., who is your reliable partner in the Netherlands, but our service is not just for Holland. For Rexroth A4VSO, we provide displacement size as A4VSO 40, A4VSO 71, A4VSO 125, A4VSO 180, A4VSO 250, A4VSO 355, A4VSO 500, A4VSO 750, A4VSO 1000. Visit our website, find out your interested components!

Rexroth A4VSO Technical Data

1) These values are valid at an absolute pressure of 1 bar in suction port S and for the optimum viscosity range νopt
2) Vg < Vg max

Rexroth A4VSO Piston Pump Features

– Through drive for mounting of further pumps up to same nominal size

– Axial piston pump in swash plate design for hydrostatic drives in open circuit operation

– The fl ow is proportional to the input drive speed and displacement. By adjusting the swash plate angle it is possible to infinitely vary the output fl ow.

– Excellent suction characteristics

– Low noise level

– Robust pump with very long service life

– Modular design

– Short control response times

– Variable through drive options

– Visual swivel angle indicator

– Optional mounting position

– Operation on HF-fluids under reduced operational data possible 

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