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Vickers Vane Pump VMQ series

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Vickers Vane Pump VMQ series
Vickers Vane Pump VMQ series




Data Sheet of Eaton Vickers Piston Pump VMQ Series


Vickers Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps VMQ Series Description

Vickers vane pumps VQM series are used to develop hydraulic fluid flow for the operation of Industrial and Mobile equipment. The positive displacement pumping cartridges are of the rotary vane type with shaft side loads hydraulically balanced. The flow rate depends on the pump size and the speed at which it is driven. All units are designed so that the direction of rotation, pumping capacity and port positions can be readily changed to suit particular applications.

Handle the highest pressures at the lowest noise levels with Eaton Vickers VMQ Series fixed displacement vane pumps. With a unique bi-metallic wafer plate design that allows for the increase in viscosity and pressure rise even during cold start-ups, VMQ Series pumps handle higher pressures than vane pumps of similar design. This makes them the best choice for combines, balers and compacts, oil field equipment, winches and more.

The latest state-of-the-art Vickers VMQ fixed displacement vane pumps from Eaton set new standards of performance and efficiency for both industrial and mobile applications. The new VMQ series features design enhancements in all areas, resulting in a unique combination of higher pressure capabilities and outstanding low noise levels. In addition, further reductions in noise levels of an intrinsically quiet design offer real possibilities in traditional internal gear pump applications.

HEASH TECH, who is know the hydraulic components of Eaton Vickers, provide Vickers vane pumps VMQ series to end-users in competitive prices, such as VMQ125, VMQ135, VMQ145, VMQ22525, VMQ23525, VMQ24525, VMQ24535, VMQ3352525, VMQ3453525. For other Eaton Vickers pumps like PVH, PVM, PVQ, PVSX, and Vickers valves like KBHDG, KDG4V, KBFDG, KSDG, KHDG, KBSDG, KBDG, KBCG, KFTG, DG4V, DG5V, CVU, DGM, CG5V. welcome inquiry us! We will respond soon for your demand of Vickers pumps, motor and valves.

Vickers Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps VMQ Series Features and Benefits

- Hydraulically balanced design (no internal radial forces) gives almost limitless shaft and bearing life.

- Extremely low noise levels enhance operator comfort.

- Shafts easily handle maximum pressures, ensuring exceptionally long shaft life.

- Unique bi-metallic wafer plate allows for cold start-ups.

- Efficient design means pumps perform under the harshest speed, temperature and cyclical loading conditions.

- Removable cartridges, usually with pump in-line, facilitate maintenance or flow changes.

- Increased power density

- Common inlet allowing for fewer ports and reducing the cost of redundant hose and fittings.

- Twenty-two displacements allow selection of the best flow output for optimum use of energy.

- Interchangeable cartridges between single, thru-drive, double and triple pumps, simplify cartridge selection and reduce inventory.

- High volumetric efficiencies, which increases productivity and reduces energy and operating costs.

- Compatible with a wide variety of fluids, including fire resistant and biodegradable fluids.

- Shaft seal options: single seal design for “dry mount” applications, or double seal design for fluid separation in “wet mount” applications such as gearboxes or where lubricant is always present. (Wet mount applications extend shaft life.)



Vickers Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps VMQ Series Performance

Eaton Vickers VMQ pumps meet global SAE and ISO standards. Three single-pump and three thru-drive frame sizes are available in 20 displacements, ranging from 10 cm3 /r (0.62 in3 /r) to 240 cm3 /r (14.65 in3 /r). Four double-pump configurations offer combined displacements from 20 cm3 /r (1.23 in3/r) up to 398 cm3 /r (24.29 in3 /r). Two triple-pump configurations can combine displacements from 110 cm3 /r (6.71 in3 /r) to 488 cm3 /r (29.78 in3 /r).

Continuous outlet pressure ratings reach 293 bar (4250 psi), with permissible peak pressures up to 310 bar (4500 psi). 

Vickers Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps VMQ Series Applications

- Oil and Gas

- Metal Cutting

- Dump Truck

- Wheel Loader

- Plastic Injection Molding

- Combines

- Balers and Compactors

- Machine Tools

- Refuse Trucks

- Winch Applications

- Die Casting

- Mobile Cranes

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