Vickers Pump

Vickers Variable Displacement Piston Pumps PVH series

Vickers Pump PVH, Vickers PVH, PVH131, PVH141, PVH057
Vickers Variable Displacement Piston Pumps PVH series
Vickers Variable Displacement Piston Pumps PVH series




Data Sheet of Eaton Vickers Piston Pump PVH


Vickers Variable Displacement Piston Pumps PVH series Description
Eaton Vickers PVH high flow, high performance pumps are a family of variable displacement, inline piston units that incorporate the proven design, quality manufacturing techniques and operating features of other Vickers piston pumps, but in a smaller, lighter package. The PVH series has been specially designed to meet the 250 bar (3625 psi) continuous duty performance requirements of new generation equipment designs. These are efficient, reliable pumps, with a selection of optional controls for maximum operational flexibility. Designed specifically for strenuous application, they provide the productivity gains and controllability improvements desired in earth-moving, construction, machine tool, plastics, and all other energy-conscious markets. As with all Eaton products, these pumps have been fully laboratory tested and field proven. 
HEASH TECH, who is know the hydraulic components of Eaton Vickers, provide Vickers PVH pumps to end-users in competitive prices, such as PVH057, PVH063, PVH074, PVH081, PVH098, PVH106, PVH131, PVH141. For other Eaton Vickers pumps like PVQ, PVM, VMQ, PVSX, welcome inquiry us! We will respond soon for your demand of Vickers pumps.

Vickers Variable Displacement Piston Pumps PVH series Benefits

- Versatile design includes single pumps, thru-drive arrangements, and a variety of drive shaft and control options that will adapt to any application and provide the most cost effective installation.

- Proven components designed into a heavy duty, compact housing to provide 250 bar (3625 psi) continuous operating performance, and 280 bar (4050 psi) operating performance in a load sensing system. This design assures long life at the higher performance levels required of today’s power-dense machinery.

- Compact and lightweight design to reduce the application weight, and provide better access for installation and servicing.

- Service kits developed for the most critical rotating and control components to simplify and assure successful pump servicing.

- Quiet designs available for noise-sensitive industrial applications, reducing sound levels further to provide a more acceptable environment.

- Designed for maximum efficiency in any type of application. A variety of compensators provide the most effective system control, and the 95%-plus volumetric efficiency means more flow, and more input energy, is directed to the work and not into heat and waste.

- Heavy duty bearings and shafts result in minimum internal deflections and wear, providing for longer life and maximum uptime.


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