Moog Servo Proportional Valves

MOOG Servo Valves D636, D637, D638 Series

MOOG D636, D637, D638, D639
MOOG Servo Valves D636, D637, D638 Series
MOOG Servo Valves D636, D637, D638 Series




Moog Servo Valves D636 and D637 series Catalog

Moog Servo Valves D638 and D639 series Catalog


Moog Servo Valves D636, D637, D638, D639

Moog valves are known for their very high accuracy in controlling flow. Our precision manufacturing and design allows for very accurate metering of flow, delivering very high pressure gains and quick reversal of flow. This makes Moog Servo Valves D636, D637, D638, D639  well suited for applications like position control. Moog servo valves D636 have a bushing spool assembly(BSA) inside the cast iron body.

MOOG Servo Valve Digital Control (DCV) is a closed-loop hydraulic product used by industrial machinery to precisely control fluid flow, pressure, position, or force using digital or analog interfaces for advanced fieldbus communications. MOOG D638 and MOOG D639 series are equipped with an integrated pressure sensor in the channel as well as a digital pressure controller which is a compact pressure control unit.

For maximum flexibility, customers can choose to have an analog interface, a fieldbus interface, or a combination of both in the same MOOG valve. Whether you need pressure (P) or fl flow and pressure limited (PQ) control, the MOOG valve series has world-class, proven technology that makes it a leader in providing advanced features such as higher dynamic performance, simple Parameter tuning and adaptation of fl flow characteristics. In a robust design that provides some of the most reliable environments in the world, such as oil rigs, offshore wind turbines and steel mills, these valves can be based on your exact performance requirements. With proven hydraulic motion control and application expertise, we can help you choose the version that best meets your needs.

The MOOG D636, a flow control valves, and D638, a pressure control valves, DDV are always operated as a component of a complete upper system, for example in a machine. They must only be used as control elements to control the flow or pressure in the hydraulic circuit that regulates position, speed, pressure and power. The Moog valve is suitable for mineral oil based hydraulic oils. Use for other purposes or beyond the scope of this description is not allowed. It can only be operated in an industrial environment that complies with DIN EN 50081-2 standard.

HEASH provide various types code of MOOG D636, D637, D638, D639, like as D638E120, D638-211-0001/S09FOFF5VCT, D638-E116, D638-174-0001 R08XB1FOHS22MBA0, D638-216-0001, D638-139, D638-170-0001, D638-211-0001, D638-177-0001, D638-206-0001, D638-259-0001, D638-260-0001, D637-399B, D636-225-0000, D636-361-0001, D636-312-0001, D636-313-0001, D636-308-0001, D636Z331-0001D638E120, D638-211-0001/S09FOFF5VCT, D638-E116, D638-174-0001 R08XB1FOHS22MBA0, D638-216-0001, D638-139, D638-170-0001, D638-211-0001, D638-177-0001, D638-206-0001, D638-259-0001, D638-260-0001, D637-399B, D636-225-0000, D636-361-0001, D636-312-0001, D636-313-0001, D636-308-0001, D636Z331-0001.

MOOG Valve D636 and D637 Series Technical Data

Hydraulic Data  

Rated Flow: 5 to 100 l/min (1.3 to 26.3 gpm) @ ∆p 35 bar (500 psi) per land

Maximum Flow: 180 l/min (47 gpm) Size 05

Maximum Operating Pressure: 350 bar (5,000 psi)

Mounting Pattern: ISO 4401 Size 03 and 05 (NG 6 and 10)

100% Step Response: 8 ms @ 210 bar (3,000 psi)


Electrical Data  

Supply Voltage : 24 VDC (18 to 32 VDC)

Fieldbus Interface: CANopen, Profibus and EtherCAT

Options: Analog Signals

MOOG Valve D636 and D637 Digital Electronics

The digital driver and control electronics are integrated in the valve. The valve electronics contain a microprocessor system which executes all the important functions via the valve software it contains. The digital electronics enables the valve to be controlled across the full range of operation, with significantly reduced influence from temperature and drift.

Fieldbus interface
A built-in fieldbus interface (e.g. CANopen®, Profbus-DP® or EtherCAT®) enables operating parameters to be set, activates the valve and monitors its performance. To reduce wiring, the fieldbus interface is provided with two connectors. Thus, valves may be integrated into the bus without any external T-joints. In addition, up to two analog input commands and up to two analog actual value outputs are available.
Optionally, the valves are available without a fieldbus interface. In this case, the valve is controlled using analog inputs. Valve parameters are set using the integrated M8 service connector.

Axis control
In addition, axis control functionality such as position control, velocity control and force control can be added to the valves. The control mode can be switched over from one to the other by defined events. Our application engineers can assist you with any additional information you may require. 


Benefits of Direct Drive Servo-valves with integrated digital electronics
- Fieldbus data transfer: Electrically isolated fieldbus interface
- Diagnostic capabilities: Integrated monitoring of important ambient and internal data. Valve parameters can be changed on site or remotely
- Flexibility: Since parameters may be downloaded using the fieldbus or a high level PLC program, valve parameters may be tuned during a machine cycle while the machine is operating
- Direct drive with permanent magnet linear force motor that provides high actuating force, works in 2 directions
- Pilot oil not required
- Pressure-independent dynamic response
- Low hysteresis and high response characteristics
- Low power demand at and in the proximity of hydraulic zero. Hydraulic zero is the spool position at which the pressures of a symmetrical spool are equal in both blocked control ports.
- If the electrical supply fails, a cable breaks or emergency stop is activated, the spool returns to the predefined spring-centered position without passing a fully open control port position (fail-safe) increasing safety 

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