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Moog introduced a new type of electric servo pump control unit


This feature-rich, energy-efficient and compact device helps customers achieve both hydraulic and electrical advantages

New York, East Carolina, June 8, 2017 - Moog is a designer and manufacturer of high performance motion control products and is committed to providing solutions and services. The company today introduced a new electric servo pump control unit (EPU) that will provide both equipment manufacturers and end users with both hydraulic and electrical advantages.

Moog EPU is the core of the electro-hydraulic drive system, which helps customers to configure discrete independent drive units. The product eliminates the need for a hydraulic pump station (HPU) and a complex hydraulic piping, thus reducing the footprint of the entire machine. At the same time, this compact product design has a very unique mounting interface that can be mounted directly on the hydraulic cylinder to minimize the additional space required for each motion axis.

Moog EPU fully complies with the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), system integrators and end users to pursue a more clean, energy-saving at the same time can provide large output equipment. EPU is easy to install and debug. Can be installed directly on the hydraulic cylinder design, but also greatly reduce the number of system components.

In addition, the EPU's independent control design reduces oil leakage and equipment failure opportunities, thereby reducing the routine maintenance costs and total cost of ownership (TCO).

"MOOG's EPU is the most compact product on the market," said Helbig, manager of Moog's Innovation Business Unit. "It's an out-of-the-box standard that can be easily integrated into hydrostatic transmission equipment or new machine designs The unique installation interface of the EPU can be installed directly on the hydraulic cylinder through the integrated valve block, thereby reducing the workload and cost of hydraulic piping laying, while reducing installation time and greatly simplifying maintenance.

EPU is widely used for metal forming, heavy industry, injection molding and die casting, gas and steam turbines, and wind turbine pitch control.

"Even a very short period of time equipment downtime may lead to huge losses in production efficiency and cost," said Robert Luong, Moog Marketing Manager. "The new electric servo pump control unit produced by our company is fully suited to this need Automatic fault protection equipment and systems that help us reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for most of our customers due to the small amount of maintenance effort required and the limited customization requirements. "

The EPU can be supplied as a standalone product or as an integral system, called an electric servo pump control system (EAS). EAS combines the motorized servo pump control unit with any optional components (such as drives, controllers, valves or hydraulic cylinders) that customers may need. All components are Moog products that meet the highest reliability and quality standards.

"If you need both a compact pump and a supporting system, Moog will be your best choice," Luong said. "Of course, Moog will also use the pump and the motor Rich experience and expertise, to provide technical support to customers.

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